Visual & Performing Arts Magnet Program

Maxey Elementary is a Magnet School that specializes on Visual and Performing Arts.
By choosing to enroll your child(ren) in the Maxey Elementary Visual & Performing Arts Magnet, you are providing them with an exciting educational opportunity with an emphasis in the arts. Parents and students are expected to comply with the requirements of the Maxey Elementary Visual & Performing Arts Magnet Program.

Maxey Elementary Magnet Program Areas

The focus of the Dance Magnet Program is to inspire young minds and bodies to engage in exploration, observation, self-discovery, decision-making and problem solving as they develop their artistry in the field of dance.  Students will learn many aspects of dance including proper warm- up and stretching exercises, technique, improvisation, choreography, history, and staging.  Students will be provided with an overview of multiple dance genres such as ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop and cultural dance.  Each of the concepts will be taught in a progression that will challenge the students at an age appropriate level.  There will be many performance opportunities throughout the year that will highlight the “Dance Magnet Students”.

Visual Arts
Art Academy’s purpose is to propel student’s skills and talents so that they can communicate visually with excellence.  Gaining that purpose with experiences in skill development, a sense of craftsmanship through technique, appreciation of historical and cultural aspects and making connections with real-life, and other subjects.  Ultimately, culminating with students who have developed critical and creative thinking skills.

The Music Magnet Program will prepare students to become music performers and informed citizens
through experiences in a variety of musical forms, styles and genres.
These experiences will be addressed in two main ways:

1. Students will express themselves through the experience of music performance and music creation.
• Expressing thoughts and feelings through music.
• Responding to music by identifying main features found in music.
• Demonstrating an understanding that music expresses itself to humans in a
language that cannot be paraphrased in words.

2. Students will recognize their own exceptional abilities in order to engage on developing their
individual skills in performing, listening and creating.

Important Dates
February 24, 20024 / 9:00am
African Folklore Performance at the Garden Theater

Maxey Elementary Magnet Handbook

To read the Maxey Elementary Magnet Program academic and behavior expectations click here.

The 2024-2025 Magnet application closed by February 15, 2024.
No preference is given as to when the application is submitted.

Magnet Coordinator: Demetries McPherson
email: [email protected]
Phone (407)877-5020 ext 3612160

Magnet Administrator: Dr. Sean S. Brown, Principal
email: [email protected]
Phone:(407)877-5020 ext. 3612222

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