Ms. Czarnowsky, Art Teacher

The Maxey Art Program is Awesome!

Art classes at Maxey are built upon the sequential program based on the Sunshine State Standards for the Visual Arts. Students learn about artist and the techniques used. They are given vocabulary so that they can discuss artwork and then create their own designs. 

Maxey Art Academy

Students who participate in our Maxey Art Academy are focused on the Visual Arts and will incorporate a variety of two and three dimensional concepts and ideas. This will influence their  personal artistic decisions and create visual unity, digital media and processes that they will study.The students observation skills and prior knowledge will be used to reflect and revise their personal works of art. During the creative process, students will use appropriate art techniques and vocabulary, as well as employ time management and collaborative skills. Students will create works of art using different mediums like sculpture, ceramics, oil pastels, and design technology in order to advance their expressions of interpersonal ideas about the world around them.